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  • [Q:] Can I use any language for my ad?
    [A:] Yes! But keep in mind that for a maximum effect you should target countries which use that specific language.
  • [Q:] I've noticed there are 18+ categories available. But I don't want to show ads from 18+ categories.
    [A:] No problem. Make sure you don't select those categories you don't want ads from when you generate the ad code.
  • [Q:] But what if I see 18+ ads on my site allthough I have not selected 18+ categories.
    [A:] Please notify me. I want to keep this ad exchange system clean and fair. I will warn or ban the specific advertiser.
  • [Q:] I have problems implementing the generated code on my site.
    [A:] Don't hesitate to contact me for help. But you can try this first.
       Possible solutions to embed html code:
         For HTML: Just paste the code below in your page.
         For PHP option 1: echo 'paste the generated code ';
         For PHP option 2: ?>paste the generated code<?php
  • [Q:] Can I change the colors from my ad?
    [A:] Just edit the generated code directly or use the ad wizard again to customise the colors. Don't forget to paste the new code.